Tireco Introduces Milestar MS932 XP+ UHP Tire

July 13, 2018

Tireco Inc. has a new flagship UHP tire for its Milestar brand, the MS932 XP+ ultra high performance all-season tire for sports cars and premium sedans.

The MS932 XP+ is engineered to maximize grip and traction and enhance the driving experience of performance-minded drivers, while ensuring driving confidence during the most inclement conditions.

The MS932 XP+ utilizes an all-new, silica-infused, rubber polymer, allowing the tread compound to remain pliable under varied temperatures.  The optimized inside tread pattern is designed to maximize the driving experience during dry and wet conditions.

The MS932 XP+ is M+S rated, and comes in 39 popular performance sizes in 18-, 19- 20- and 22-inch wheel diameters.

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