Falken’s Ziex CT60 A/S Is Designed for Crossovers

Nov. 5, 2018

The Falken Ziex CT60 all-season tire is specifically designed for modern crossover utility vehicles. Falken Tire Corp. says the Ziex CT60 provides a combination of long tread life and all-weather safety.

Featuring advanced all-season tread compound technology, drivers will experience shorter stopping distances in wet and snowy weather, according to Falken

The Falken ZIEX CT60 is designed to accommodate the ride height of modern crossover platforms that would otherwise be sacrificed by tires developed for passenger cars or pickups. The crossover-specific tire construction ensures the tire footprint is always firmly in contact with the road, providing optimal handling, stability and defense against rough weather conditions and other obstacles.

The new Ziex CT60 is available in more than 30 original equipment tire sizes, covering virtually every crossover vehicle on the road today.

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