Vredestein Quatrac Pro Handles All Weather

April 3, 2019

The new Vredestein Quatrac Pro is an all-weather tire with ultra-high performance capabilities.

Apollo Vredestein Tires Inc. says the tire was designed with superb handling and short braking distances under both dry (wide center ribs) and wet (wider longitudinal grooves combined with diverging grooves in the shoulder) conditions.

The tire’s advanced compound material has a high silica and resin content, which ensures excellent traction on wet and snowy roads. The sipes in the center area also are very effective on snow.

Compared to the Quatrac 5, the tire has more than 10% better wet grip and 5% better snow handling.

The Quatrac Pro also features the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. It is available in 50 sizes, 29 of which are Y-rated.

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