New Waterfall Passenger Tire Is Available in More Than 50 Sizes

Dec. 12, 2019

The new Waterfall Eco Dynamic passenger tire from Horizon Tire Inc. is available in more than 50 sizes.

Horizon says the fuel-efficient tire features variable pitch technology for reduced noise levels, as well as the company’s Intelligent Compound Tech, which optimizes performance in changing weather conditions.

Other features include Carcas Tech technology which helps reduce overall tire weight by 5% for improved rolling resistance and the brand’s Adaptive Tread Tech.

The Waterfall brand includes the Waterfall Terra-X H/T (highway terrain) SUV tire, Waterfall LT-200 light truck tire, Waterfall Snow Hill 2 tire and Waterfall Quattro passenger tire.

Horizon is the exclusive distributor of Waterfall tires in North America.