TBC Introduces Multi-Mile Supreme Tour LSX/CSX Line

Aug. 9, 2017

The new Multi-Mile Supreme Tour LSX and CSX tires from TBC Brands LLC are precision engineered for superior all-season capability and backed by a best-in-class warranty package.

Produced by Sumitomo Rubber Industries and distributed exclusively by TBC Brands, the Multi-Mile Supreme Tour LSX/CSX tire is available in 56 T-, H-, V- and W-rated sizes.

TBC says the LSX is the perfect choice for drivers of performance oriented sedans seeking the optimum blend of a smooth and quiet ride with advanced all-season traction and handling. The CSX delivers outstanding all-season capability and is uniquely tuned to meet the durability requirements of later model crossovers and SUVs.

The new Multi-Mile Supreme line offers extended tread wear warranties of 85,000 miles for T-rated; 65,000 miles for H- and V-rated; 50,000 miles for W-rated; and 60,000 miles for CUV/SUV sizes.