Duraturn Mozzo Touring Tire Gains 3 Sizes

Dec. 28, 2017

The all-season Duraturn Mozzo touring tire from YC Rubber Co. (North America) LLC is available in three new sizes: 235/65R17, 235/60R17 and 215/55R17.

The additions bring the number of Mozzo touring tire sizes in North America to 28.

YC Rubber backs the Duraturn Mozzo touring line with a 70,000-mile limited tread wear warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The tire is designed for today’s more popular sedans and crossovers.

The company says Mozzo touring tires have a siped solid center rib to improve steering response and extra biting edges for grip. Other features include:

* four see-through grooves to enhance water evacuation;

* variable shoulder blocks to provide a quieter, more comfortable ride; and

*optimized tread blocks to move water towards the evacuation channels and provide additional siping for better braking performance.