Hankook study: 61% would buy green tires

April 18, 2012

Hankook Tire America Corp. says only 3% of Americans own a hybrid or electric car, according to the Hankook Tire Spring Gauge Index.

The study revealed that 61% of drivers would be interested in buying eco-friendly tires, with 68% of those drivers citing better fuel economy and gas savings as their top reasons.

The study also shows that nearly half of Americans (47%) would consider buying a hybrid or electric car.

Men would be more inclined to purchase a hybrid or electric car – 56% of men surveyed would consider buying one, compared to 38% of women.

Hankook says price is the number-one reason consumers can’t commit. When asked why they would not purchase an eco-friendly car, 55% said the cars are too expensive and 23% said they are not very cost efficient.

While drivers may not be willing to spend the money on hybrid or electric cars, 61% of Americans would consider buying eco-friendly tires; 73% of those drivers are younger adults (ages 18-34). More than half (54%) have a household income less than $25,000.

“Americans are looking for ways to help the environment while also saving on gas,” said Henry Kopacz, Hankook Tire America’s tire expert. “Hankook’s Optimo H426 Luxury Performance Touring All-Season tire maximizes fuel economy by providing lower rolling resistance and improved wet braking and dry handling. It gives consumers an energy-conserving, all-season option for better fuel efficiency.”