Which tire brand is the 15th most popular?

May 24, 2012

Of all the replacement consumer tire brands sold in the United States -- more than 150 at last count -- which is the 15th most popular?

The answer, for one, would be Nexen. The Nexen brand tied with Kelly for the 15th largest based on units shipped.

According to the 2012 Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue, Nexen represented 2% of the consumer replacement market in 2011, or close to 4.5 million units (click here to see who is number one). Of that amount:

* nearly 1.3 million were high performance tires;

* more than 1.3 million were ultra-high performance tires.

The Nexen brand ended the year with 4% and 4.5% of the high and ultra-high peformance tire markets, respectively.

ln South Korea, the overall replacement numbers are vastly differently. At the first Nexen Tire Corp. Press Tour, which began at the company's new plant in Changnyeong, Korea, Nexen officials said the brand's home market share was 23%, up from 18% in 2004 and 8% in 1999.

In 2012, they estimate their market share will grow to 28%, which will put them ahead of Kumho (27%) and behind Hankook (38%). Imported brands account for the rest of the total replacement market.