Pirelli’s Cinturato P7 Blue is Europe AA-rated

June 25, 2012

Pirelli Tire North America’s parent company Pirelli & Cie introduced the Cinturato P7 Blue in Valencia, Spain.

The company says it is the first tire to be awarded an “AA” rating by the new European tire label. With the P7 Blue, Pirelli expands its premium lineup and widens its range of specialized tires, developed to satisfy the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

The new tire, created for cars with medium to large engines, is already on sale and is a direct evolution of the Cinturato P7: the world’s first ecological high-performance tire. The Cinturato P7 won a performance award last year.

The Cinturato P7 Blue features shorter braking distances and low rolling resistance. The company says the P7 Blue also features improved fuel savings of 5.1%, and cost savings of more than 90 Euros per year.

The latest evolution in the Cinturato range was prompted by an increased demand for safety and economy from motorists. In contrast to the Cinturato P7, the P7 Blue has been created exclusively for aftermarket fitment which was designed as original equipment too.

The launch of the P7 Blue, which took place at the Formula One Grand Prix of Europe, was accompanied by a celebration of 25 years of P Zero. Pirelli’s range-topping tire has continuously evolved since 1987, mirroring the huge advances made in the automotive industry with bigger and better supercars and increasingly higher-powered vehicles.