Upgraded Sumitomo performance touring line

July 16, 2012

TBC Wholesale Group says tire dealers and motorists can expect greater value and performance from Sumitomo’s all season Performance Touring Tire line.

The upgraded Touring LS T/H/V will replace the current HTR T4 line and will feature 31 popular sizes covering a broad range of late-model, high-performance luxury sedans, touring vehicles and crossovers.

“As tire professionals know, today’s consumer wants it all; all-weather traction, high performance capabilities, a smooth quiet ride and the peace of mind that comes with a superior warranty package,” said Jon Vance, director of marketing for TBC Wholesale.

“And, let’s not forget, they want a competitive price. The Touring LS T/H/V gives them all of this, and much more, delivering a fantastic value to both consumers and dealers. Vance said the tire has been designed to give consumers an upgrade in their driving experience while at the same time giving dealers a real upgrade in their sales and profit opportunities.

The Touring LS T/H/V features an advanced carbon tread compound for extended tread-life and a proprietary construction package that delivers durability.

These design enhancements allow the Touring LS T/H/V to carry the “Confidence Upgraded” Warranty package that offers both extended tread-wear coverage and value added benefits. In addition, the Touring LS T/H/V carries a 85,000 mile treadwear warranty for T-rated sizes and a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty for H & V rated sizes.

Initial size availability of the Sumitomo Touring LS T/H/V will be in July, with all sizes available by September. For more information visit www.sumitomotire.com.