TBC expands all-season performance lines

July 25, 2012

TBC Wholesale Group is expanding its fall line-up with the rollout of an additional 13 new sizes to the Doral SDL-A and Sumic GTA All-Season Performance lines.

TBC has also added a new 45,000-mile limited tread wear warranty on the performance engineered tires. The new sizes will be available this fall with initial availability in October 2012.

“Dealers and consumers have come to know and trust the high value proposition of this great line, which is designed and engineered in Japan and manufactured by Sumitomo Rubber Industries,” said Jon Vance, director of Consumer Product Marketing for TBC Wholesale. “As the exclusive marketer and distributor of this line in North America, we are excited to offer this expanded portfolio to our consumers.”

The new sizes range from 195/65R14 to 225/45R17 and cover a variety of popular late-model performance sedan and crossover fitments. The line now offers 41 total sizes in S,T, H and V speed ratings.

“These size and warranty enhancements are in recognition of the outstanding performance and value that the Doral SDL-A and Sumic GTA lines offer both tire dealers and consumers,” said Vance. “These great lines combine Sumitomo Rubber technology, quality and long lasting performance with a value price that dealers can market with confidence and drivers can ride on with the peace of mind that comes with making a smart decision. And it’s all backed with the service and commitment of TBC Wholesale.”

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