LT275/65R18 Cracks the Top 10 OE Sizes List

Feb. 26, 2019

Size LT275/65R18 finally made it into the Top 10 list of most popular replacement light truck tire sizes. It replaced LT285/75R16 as the 10th most popular replacement LT size.

That is not surprising, given that LT275/65R18 has been one of the Top 10 original equipment light truck tire sizes for more than 10 years. The only questions is, why did it take so long to crack the Top 10?

According to the preliminary edition of the latest U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) Factbook, size LT245/75R17 remains the most popular OE size -- it has been No. 1 for the last eight years.

Top 6 OE LT Tire Sizes in the U.S. in 2018

1. LT245/75R17 13.1% 2. 235/65R16C 11.8%
3. LT275/70R18 10.3% 4. LT275/65R18 8.6%
5. LT225/75R16 8.3% 6. LT265/70R18 7.2%

The top six OE sizes represented 59.3% of the total OE LT tires shipped by USTMA members in 2018.

On the replacement side, LT265/70R17 replaced LT245/75R16 at the No. 1 spot by one-hundredth of a percentage point. LT245/75R16 had been the most popular replacement LT size since 2008.

Top 6 Replacement LT Tire Sizes in the U.S. in 2018

1. LT265/70R17 10.1% 2. LT245/75R16 10.0%
3. LT225/75R16 7.1% 4. LT265/75R16 6.4%
5. LT275/70R18 5.8% 6. LT245/75R17 5.8%

The top six replacement sizes represented 45.2% of the total replacement light truck tires shipped by USTMA members in 2018.

USTMA's Factbook 2019 is a report on tire shipment activity in the United States for 2018. For information on how to purchase the report, visit

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