Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Offers Year-Round Performance

April 29, 2019

The newest Turanza touring tire from Bridgestone Americas Inc. focuses on the three Ws the company says consumers prioritize: wet, winter and wear. The Turanza QuietTrack tire is backed by a 80,000 mile limited mileage warranty. Bridgestone says the Turanza QuietTrack offers a 20% improvement in wet traction and 44% improvement in snow traction over the previous generation Turanza Serenity Plus tire, which it will replace. (The wet and snow tire improvements were measured in internal testing on the BMW 328i in tire size 215/55R17.)

The QuietTrack tire was created with four new Bridgestone technology packages:

QuietTrack: The tire gets its name from a new noise-dampening technology that is tuned to prevent high frequency noise and ensure a quieter ride.

ComfortCruise: This technology uses a rounded contact patch and optimized tire casing shape to reduce road vibration for a smoother, more comfortable driving experience.

HydroTrack: Utilizing full-depth tread grooves and open shoulder slots, this technology helps to enhance water evacuation and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

EdgePerformance: A proprietary, full depth tread design works to ensure the Turanza QuietTrack tire maintains performance across its full 80,000-mile life span.

“The Turanza QuietTrack tire is packed with the latest game-changing innovation from Bridgestone,” says Erik Seidel, president of consumer replacement tire sales in the U.S. and Canada for Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC. “Based on consumer insights, we know wet, winter and wear performance are the top considerations for drivers purchasing a new set of tires. The Turanza QuietTrack tire exceeds expectations in each of these important attributes, while also providing a comfortable, quiet ride.”

The Turanza QuietTrack tire is available in 37 sizes, covering more than 86% of cars on the road today.

215/60R16 205/65R15 215/55R16 235/45R18
205/55R16 245/40R18 245/45R18 245/45R17
195/65R15 205/50R17 235/40R18 225/45R18
225/50R17 215/50R17 245/45R19 205/65R16
225/60R16 225/40R18 255/40R19 225/65R17
215/55R17 245/40R19 245/50R17 225/50R18
225/45R17 235/55R17 245/50R18 235/40R19
205/60R16 225/55R17 245/45R20 235/60R17
215/45R17 235/50R18 255/45R19 235/50R17

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