Pirelli Will Host The Perfect Fit Award Contest on Aug. 17

Aug. 16, 2019

This year’s Monterey Car Week in California brought vintage, new and concept cars together with, in many cases, Pirelli tires.

In celebration of the singular design and performance of Italian car brands, Pirelli will sponsor Concorso Italiano, the world’s largest luxury and exotic Italian car show, on Saturday, Aug. 17. Nearly 800 vintage vehicles will be exhibited at the Bayonet & Black Horse Golf Course. Many are custom fit with Pirelli Collezione tires, a range Pirelli Tire North America Inc. says was created “for the world’s most desirable sports cars built between 1950 and 1980.” By using the original archived design specs from the vehicle’s engineers, Pirelli “ensures the perfect fit with a seamless blend of vintage characteristics and modern-day performance.”

To underline the importance of having the right tires for each model vehicle, an approach at the heart of Pirelli’s design strategy, the brand will host the first Pirelli Perfect Fit Award at Concorso Italiano.  The honor will recognize exhibitors who have achieved “a perfect fit” for their vehicles, taking into account tire fitment, overall style and more.

A panel of Pirelli experts will be onsite to evaluate each vehicle and crown the winner of The Perfect Fit Award during a stage presentation during the Concorso Italiano. The celebration also includes a donation to the Concorso Italiano Foundation, which supports the children of Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Service.

“Pirelli is the world leader in the prestige segment, claiming almost half of the original equipment market,” says Marco Crola, CEO of Pirelli Tire North America. “Luxury and sports cars are the two of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s global automotive market. Pirelli works closely with the world’s most chosen luxury, sports and supercar brands to tailor-make specific tires to enhance the characteristics and performance of every individual car model, creating a customized fit.

“This approach is called the Pirelli Perfect Fit Strategy, and it is certainly visible at the Monterey Car Week, where a large number of the most beautiful cars at this event will be fitted with Pirelli tires.”

In addition to a focus on vintage automobiles, Pirelli tires designed for future models can be seen in Monterey at Pagani’s introduction of its new Huayra Roadster BC at The Quail. Pagani’s 800 hp Huayra Roadster will adopt P Zero Trofeo R tires as original equipment.