Vogue Unveils Red Stripe Tires for 105th Anniversary

Sept. 19, 2019

Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co. is celebrating 105 years in business with a special edition tire, and it features a limited edition red stripe on the sidewall. The company known for white sidewalls and a gold stripe is mixing it up with the Limited Edition Red Stripe tire. The white sidewalls will have a red stripe instead of the traditional gold.

The tire is available in three sizes: 




Vogue President Greg Hathcock says, “One-hundred-and-five years in business is something to celebrate. With our legacy of providing the most distinctive tyres we wanted to do a special edition tyre that tied into our storied heritage. Our whitewall tyres that we produced in the '50s actually had our logo in red over the whitewall. So we wanted to pay homage to our history with again adding red to our tires.”

Kevin Goyak, executive vice president, says the company's wholesale distributors have already purchased the tires.

“Most of the tyres have been spoken for by our wholesale partners already and we expect sell through to happen very quickly. We also have a mobile campaign starting in mid-September and we are working with our Vogue Tyre Influencers to get the word out.  We even know of one hip-hop artist that is finishing up a song and music video specifically about the Limited-Edition Red Stripe.”

For more information, visit www.VogueTyre.com.