Falken WildPeak H/T02 Targets High-Powered Pickup Trucks

Oct. 1, 2019

Falken Tire Corp. has expanded its light truck tire offering with the roll-out of the WildPeak H/T02.

"Engineered to provide pickup truck drivers with a real pickup truck tire, the H/T02 demonstrates superior wear life, industry-leading wet performance and unmatched durability to support today's high-powered pickup trucks," say Falken officials.

The tire features rigid tread blocks and a rugged upper sidewall, plus Falken's Advanced 4D Nano Design and 3D Canyon Sipe Technology, for all-season performance. 

"We didn't want to develop another typical highway terrain tire," says Drew Howlett, Falken product manager, LT/SUV/CUV tires. "We wanted to build a tire that could support the most powerful and capable trucks on the road today. That's why all LT sizes of the H/T02 were rigorously tested and developed using the latest 3/4-ton diesel pickups. We pushed our heavy-duty construction to the limits, so as a testament to the H/T02's toughness and durability, all LT-size offerings feature the 'HD' badge on the tire's sidewall."

The WildPeak H/T02 comes with a 70,000-mile tread life warranty (50,000 miles for HD sizes) and Falken's Road Hazard Protection. 

It is available in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 22 inches.