Mickey Thompson Will Launch Its Largest LT Tire

Nov. 1, 2019

Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels will introduce its tallest Department of Transportation-approved light truck tire next year.

The Baja Pro XS will be available in 10 sizes, ranging from 35 inches to 58 inches in diameter.

The tire features a directional tread pattern for balanced forward bite, circumferential tread elements for lateral off-road grip, siping for smooth surface traction and extra lug flex, angled shoulder scallops to guide mud and loose dirt into its Sidebiter cleats, a tread depth of 27/32 inches and more.

Sizes will include 19.5/46-16LT, 35x13.50-17LT, 38x13.50-17LT, 40x13.50-17LT, 15/43-17LT, 15/43-20LT, 19.5/46-20LT, 17/49-20LT, 19.5/54-20LT and 21/58-24LT.