Kenda Introduces Klever A/T2 in Las Vegas

Nov. 5, 2019

Kenda USA introduced its latest light truck tire during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week in Las Vegas. The Klever A/T2 KR628 features "Tier 1 quality at a top Tier 3 price," said Jimmy Yang, chairman of Kenda Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd., Kenda Tire's parent company in Taiwan.

The Klever A/T2 initially will be available in the 40 P-metric and LT sizes ranging from 235/75R15 to LT275/65R20. It was developed at Kenda's technical center in Green, Ohio. Tom Williams, vice president of the technical center and the tech group, says the engineers performed computer modeling on every size -- not just one prototype -- to make sure every size met the needs of the dealers and the consumers.

"While our current Klever A/T has been a proven performer, we allowed the market to drive the development points of the Klever A/T2 as its successor," said Brandon Stotsenburg, vice president of automotive sales. "In doing so, we tasked our North American Technical Center to push the capabilitgies of our new all-terrain tire to the next level.

"The Klever A/T2 is the most advanced light truck all-terrain tire we've ever put into the market, with many aesthetic design elements transferred from our popular Klever R/T."

The A/T2 was designed for SUVs, light trucks and 4x4 owners, with an emphasis on both on-road "manners" and true off-road capability. Kenda said the interlocking tread blocks offer "great traction," but are optimized to produce "exceptional on-road noise results.

For off-road enthusiasts, the tire is engineered with an aggressive upper sidewall that protects against cuts, tears and abrasion. In addition, a large number of biting edges offer aggressive performance on all types of terrains.

For winter driving conditions, the tire features an all-weather compound and a high-sipe density for biting edges on snow and ice. It also has 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification.

Kenda is backing the tire, which will be developed in Kenda's Vietnam consumer tire plant beginning in the Spring of 2020, with a 50,000-mile limited tread wear warranty for LT sizes and 60,000-mile warranty for P-metric and metric fitments.

The size lineup is complementary to the Klever R/T KR601, introduced last year. The R/T offers flotation and LT sizes for "extreme all-terrain" applications, said Stotsenburg.

The A/T2 will replace the Klever A/T, introduced in 2012, in almost all sizes. Stotsenburg added the A/T will be available in a few older sizes.

American Kenda Rubber Industrial Co. Ltd., which does business as Kenda USA, is headquartered in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. For more information on Kenda and its products, visit