Yokohama raises prices in Canada

May 10, 2011

Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc. raised prices on its consumer tires on May 1, 2011. According to the company, all pricing on unfilled orders placed before May  1 "will be re-calculated at the new prices."

The price increases vary by tire category.

* High Performance, 5%.

* Light Truck, 4%.

* Passenger Touring, 4%.

* Winter, 4%.

"An unprecedented appreciation in the cost of raw materials and energy" were the reasons for the price increases.

Other announced price increases

Another Canadian company, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc., will raise consumer tire prices up to 10% effective June 1, 2011. (The product lines included in the company's April 1, 2011, "Winter Tires Base Price Book" are not included.)

Hankook Tire America Corp. also will raise prices effective June 1. In Hankook's case, however, they will be applied to the company's line of commercial tires, including the Hankook and Aurora brands.

The increases will be up to 9%. The amount of the increase will vary by product line and size.

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