SEMA Show, Day One: a new customizing tool

Nov. 1, 2011

The Ultimate Wheel & Tire Plus Sizing Guide is introducing its newest product at this year’s SEMA Show at booth 48042, the iConfigurators vehicle customization tool. The tool features photos and offers real access on all browsers.

"Our goal was to make the best visual presentations, and we've been shooting three-quarter angle photos for 10 years," said Joe Findeis, president of the Ultimate Wheel & Tire Plus Sizing Guide. "These are real photos, with real data and real results in our own photo studio. That's our difference."

Findeis says users can search and find the right products anywhere, anytime. In addition, the tool works on iPhones and iPads and performs at high speed. It also integrates with existing websites and allows customers to create the exact vehicle they are looking for.

The iConfigurators is also powered by extensive databases that ensure proper fitment. In addition, it is updated weekly with new vehicles and products, and there is no special software to install.

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