Are tire prices too high? Let us know!

Dec. 20, 2011

Wow, ask a question about tire pricing and you sure get people talking! Or, in this case, writing.

In the November issue of Modern Tire Dealer magazine, Editor Bob Ulrich discusses the state of tire pricing. "From 2007 through 2010, average passenger and light truck tire prices rose 22% and 24%, respectively," he wrote in his editorial. "That doesn’t even include this year."

Some people agree that prices are too high. Some don't. Here are a few comments posted on our website,

"Customers are numb and get sticker shock when they are quoted current prices," said Ed.

"It's not going to stop until greed is out of the picture," said Ronnie.

"The American consumer had better get used to higher prices. The Chinese 421 Tariff (set in motion by Mr. Obama's paying back the labor unions) has created this situation," said Pat.

"As an independent struggling to make a decent profit in the past, present prices appear to me to be about what the product is really worth at the dealer level," said Rick.

To read more comments, and the editorial itself, click on "Are tire prices too high? I say yes." And let us know what you think by leaving your own comment!

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