Falken Introduces 3 Tires at The Tire Cologne Show

June 11, 2018

Falken Tyre Europe was one of a number of leading tire producers exhibiting at The Tire Cologne 2018, where the company concentrated on maintaining and further enhancing its rising heritage in motorsports. At the same time, however, another equally important aim was to promote Falken as a holistic tire supplier, and not just as a manufacturer of high performance tires.

Modern Tire Dealer spoke with Marcus Schultz, assistant manager of product planning, who pointed out that some areas of the international market still see Falken as only concentrating in UHP products, when in fact the brand is now offering tires in all market sectors -- including PCR, SUV, van and light commercial, truck and OTR -- to present complete range.

Schultz says, “As we continue to develop our product range, Falken is now very much a producer of all types of tires for today’s demanding markets in Europe and around the world."

Taking center stage in the Falken booth were three new products:the Euroall Season AS210, Euroall Season Van11 and Wildpeak M/T.

1. Euroall Season AS210. The all-season tire for cars and SUV’s will become available from appointed tire dealers in July 2018 in an initial range of sizes. Succeeding the Euroall Season AS200, this latest tire incorporates a V-shaped pattern with deeper grooves for enhanced water distribution to optimize performance in both wet and dry road conditions and maximize resistance to aquaplaning.

Schultz adds, "The AS210 also provides 8% improved aquaplaning characteristics and wet braking performance by 6%, and this is because the sipes align themselves to the direction of traction to further improve force transmission and ensure outstanding grip in all weather conditions, including snow. At the same time, by implementing advanced 4D-Nano design technology that develops the compound, we have succeeded in increasing mileage levels by 10%.”

2. Euroall Season Van11. Falken also launched the Euroall Season Van11 tire, which is aimed at drivers of vans and light commercial vehicles. It was designed with particular emphasis being placed on wear resistance and safety, as the tire offers Adaptive Constant Pressure technology. In addition, the tread pattern has been specially developed using advanced simulation techniques to give even pressure distribution. The tire is being produced in one of Thailand’s most cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. The Van11 will be available in July in eight size options for 65 and 75 series.

3. Wildpeak M/T. Falken also introduced the Wildpeak M/T ultimate off-road tire to the European market. Designed to provide the ultimate in driving safety, reliability and pleasure, the Wildpeak has been tailored to fit the exacting demands of off-road drivers. Features include secure traction and stable sidewalls for maximum grip. Offset shoulder blocks provide added traction even on rugged and challenging terrains and steep gradients, plus integrated step-down supports to prevent stones from lodging in the tread. Once again, the tire is produced in Thailand and is available in eight popular Q-rated sizes.

MTD also chatted with Markus Bogner, managing director at Falken Europe, who says, "With one of the largest stands at the show, Falken looked to make a huge impact at this prestigious show as part of our future strategy in Europe. We are investing in the future of the brand to continually increase corporate status and make our tires as appealing and attractive as possible for our customers, and in particular sports-minded younger drivers.” -- John Stone

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