New Products Further Triangle's Global Momentum

June 19, 2018

During the last 18 months, Triangle Tyre Co. Ltd. has built international offices in Milan, Italy (for Europe), Dubai (for the Middle East and Africa), Bangkok (for Southeast Asia), the United States, Panama and India.

At The Tire Cologne show in Cologne, Germany, recently, Modern Tire Dealer spoke with Wayne Foster, general marketing, global marketing, and Angelo Giannangeli, marketing director for Europe, about Triangle's global expansion. Foster pointed out that for the very first time, the company has established teams of sales professionals all over the world who are working closely with its growing band of customers.

"Of course, the current TBR levy situation on Chinese brands has meant that for the moment Triangle has ceased truck tire production for Europe due to the uncertainty in the market, and this show is all about our car, SUV and all-season ranges.”

Triangle launched four products at Tire Cologne, including the Advantex TC101 Touring, Advantex TR259 SUV, Advantex TA01 All Season and Advantex TR281 GripXMT Off Road. All the tires will make their debuts in Europe.

The TC101 Touring offers increased benefits in mileage and handling performance, whilst the TR259 SUV and TR281 4x4 provide improved noise reduction, steering precision and maximized off-road driving experience. The TA01 All Season has been specifically produced to combat all challenging weather and road conditions through enhanced traction on all surfaces, including snow-covered roads.

"With an active global presence in 165 countries and four manufacturing plants, Triangle aims to continue delivering a world class product portfolio for the international original equipment and replacement markets," said Giannangeli, "and this show has proved to be the perfect platform to showcase our drive and ambition for the future." -- John Stone

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