Bridgestone Is Dropping ATD as a Distributor

June 27, 2018

American Tire Distributors Inc., the largest wholesale tire distributor in the U.S., was notified by Bridgestone Americas Inc. that it will no longer be a Bridgestone tire distributor.

"While we are very disappointed by Bridgestone’s decision, we will remain focused on our business and bringing our strategy and values to life," wrote ATD CEO and President Stuart Schuette to ATD associates. The news follows last weekend's 2018 North America Business and Innovation Summit, at which Schuette shared the company's strategy; purpose, vision and values; new technology for associates and customers; and, "most importantly," change, with 1,200 associates.

In an open letter to its customers, ATD remained transparent.

"On Monday, June 25, Bridgestone notified ATD that we will no longer have access to distribute Bridgestone consumer products in the United States," wrote Schuette. "This decision limits ATD’s product line, but it also limits how customers can purchase and obtain products.

"Regardless, ATD remains well-positioned and will remain the leader in this industry. ATD will continue to offer more choice to customers -- many of whom are independent dealers -- than any other company. We offer products from nearly two-dozen tire manufacturers and more than 50 wheel and supply vendors. We operate the largest national network, and our world-class supply chain has been built, refined, and perfected over decades.

"But we aren’t satisfied by simply being the largest and most experienced distributor in the industry," he continued. "Our vision is one that is centered on technological innovations to support you -- our customers -- by driving traffic, saving you money, and simplifying your operations."

Schuette said ATD continues to generate "substantial cash flows," and as of May 31, 2018, had approximately $300 million of liquidity.

"Going forward, ATD is confident in the focus of our business and the strategy we have in process."

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