ATD Enhances Its TireBuyer Online Sales Platform

Sept. 20, 2018

American Tire Distributors Inc. (ATD) is enhancing its TireBuyer online sales platform to make it easier for consumers to buy tires online.

"As consumers’ needs evolve, so does our online platform, making it easier than ever for shoppers to get the tires, wheels and a growing selection of automotive products they need -- where and when they need them,” says Mark Staudinger, president of ATD’s TireBuyer subsidiary.

ATD says the enhancements include:

* a new, insightful product recommendation engine;

* easy search tools;

* proprietary fitments;

* seasonal updates and deals; and

* enhanced mobile compatibility “for shoppers on the go.”

“The website features will give our shoppers even more confidence when they go to purchase tires,” says Staudinger. “With easy search tools, personalized recommendations, proprietary fitments and enhanced mobile capability, we are continuing to raise the bar for our shoppers and in doing so, we’re helping transform the tire industry in the digital age.”

To view TireBuyer’s new features and fresh look, click here. In 2019, TireBuyer will be implementing additional enhancements to the site, adds ATD.

TireBuyer offers consumers not only access to products at ATD’s more than 120 warehouses nationwide, but also a network of nearly 10,000 partnered dealerships and automotive service centers that keep their installation costs and the price of the tire minus ATD’s normal wholesale price.

For the consumer, TireBuyer’s exclusive “Installer Advantage” program guarantees install rates, provides 45-day easy returns, and ships tires within one or two days to one of its partnered installers for free. If necessary, tire returns also are free.

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