13 New Duraturn Tire Sizes Are Coming to North America

Dec. 11, 2017

How many sizes are the marketers of the Duraturn consumer tire brand adding to their lineups? A baker's dozen.

The total includes eight new sizes in the popular Mozzo Touring and Travia H/T product lines. And there likely will be more introduced in 2018, says Ken Coltrane, president of YC Rubber Co. (North America) LLC

Here is the breakdown of the new sizes.

* Three sizes have been added to the Mozzo Touring line: 235/65R17, 235/60R17 and 215/55R17. That increases the number of sizes in North America to 28.

YC Rubber backs the Mozzo Touring line with a 70,000-mile limited tread wear warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The tire is designed for today’s more popular sedans and crossovers.

* Five sizes have been added to the Travia H/T line: 255/70R16, 245/75R16, 265/65R18, 265/65R18 and 265/60R18. That brings the total number of sizes to 31.

The company backs the Travia H/T with a 60,000-mile warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It is designed for a quiet and comfortable ride on the highway for today’s modern crossover and sport utility vehicles.

* Three sizes have been added to the Travia A/T line: 245/70R17, 275/70R18 and 275/65R20. That brings the total number of sizes to 28.

The company backs the tire with a 50,000-mile warranty. The all-terrain light truck tire combines a five-rib tread design for longer wear on the road with specially designed tread blocks for extra traction off the road.

 * One size has been added to the Travia Van line-up -- 235/65R16 -- and one to the studless Mozzo Winter tire -- 215/55R17.

“Our dealers are pleased with these additions because all of these are increasingly popular sizes in North America,” says Ken Coltrane, vice president of YC Rubber Co.'s North American subsidiary. "We're continuing to work with our dealers to identify other sizes that will benefit their businesses and expect to add more sizes in 2018.”

All Duraturn passenger cars, light trucks and specialty trailers are manufactured by YC Rubber Co. and distributed in the U.S. by YC Rubber Co.  (North America) LLC, based in Pasadena, Calif.

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