Borla Supports Bobby Runyan Jr In TORC Series

May 12, 2016

BORLA Performance Industries is kicking off the 2016 TORC (The Off-Road Championship) series in style. It has created custom exhaust parts for Bobby Runyan Jr, and his truck will receive a full BORLA sponsorship wrap to celebrate the season-opener.

This is the first year Borla has worked with Bobby. “He’s got world-class skills,” explained David Borla, VP of Sales & Marketing at BORLA Performance Industries. “He’s a fresh face in the sport and we’re helping him make his mark.

“As a company, BORLA strives to align itself with rising drivers and teams who need the support from a company like ours to get them to the next level. Bobby is using that support as a competitive advantage because we can help make his truck even faster. We built the entire custom exhaust system for the race truck, including the headers. He even uses our products on his personal vehicles.

Speaking ahead of the first race in Dallas, TX, David wanted to emphasize that this was more than just logo placement on Runyan Jr’s truck: “The competitive advantage comes from the patented BORLA technology in the custom headers and exhaust we built. Bobby’s career is on the upswing and he was clever to include us in his 2016 strategy because he knows we can help him win.

“We’re proud to join his exceptional team, which continues to do a great job raising his profile and engaging the fans. We’re also excited to showcase our performance exhaust products to the TORC off-road racing fans this year. All Bobby’s competitors better watch out this season!”

For the 2016 season, Bobby Runyan Jr will be using the custom exhaust parts created by BORLA at its Southern California headquarters in Oxnard, CA. As leaders in performance exhaust systems, BORLA engineers used their extensive experience to create several different header configurations and exhaust systems for testing. The aim was to fabricate custom parts that complied with the strict series rules but would liberate as much power as possible, while also producing the signature sounds BORLA is famous for.
After extensive development and in-house dynamometer testing, the team departed with several of the different BORLA header configurations. Each produce slightly different characteristics in terms of torque delivery, allowing Bobby to choose the parts that best suit each track the series visits.

“I’m really excited to be working with BORLA for 2016,” said Bobby. “The company gave us the opportunity to test its new headers and exhaust on the in-house dyno, and having the R&D team behind us ensures we are getting the very best.
“The custom Borla headers and exhaust offered a performance boost, with much more torque than we had previously. So our goal is to win races and put ourselves in a position to win the championship at the end of the year.”

The TORC series kicks off in Dallas, TX on May 27-28. It then travels to Chicago, IL on June 10-11, Crandon, WI on June 25-26, Minneapolis, MN on July 16-17, Bark River, MI on July 30-31 and Charlotte, NC on August 19-20 before returning to Crandon, WI for the final round on September 2-4.

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