Combine Radial Carries Heavier Bin Loads

Jan. 4, 2013

Michelin North America Agricultural Tires says the CerexBib radial is the industry's first combine-specific radial engineered to deliver high-flexion capabilities while handling the cyclic loading and off-loading required from combines. Available by the axle, the front axle tires are designated as IF cyclic field operation and the rear axle tires are designated as VF tires. Together, they bear up under the weight of increasingly large combines and still help reduce soil compaction. The CerexBib is available as a replacement tire in sizes ranging from IF680/85R32 CFO 179A8 to IF900/60R38 CFO 184A8 for front, and VF 520/80R26 165A8 and VF 620/70R26 170A8 for rear.