Protect Mining Tire Casings With Phantom Rim-Off

April 4, 2013

Tire Lyna TCC says the Phantom Rim-Off is proving to be the best casing liner solution for OTR mining tires that need lubricity for quickly demounting rims. It has the best casing protection by far and is already proven to run larger OTR tires cooler by up to 3%, notes Tire Lyna.

The product is also available in a water-less formula used with nitrogen-filled tires and transit buses. Benefits and features include:

  • Protects tire liners from degrading, blisters and cracks;
  • Protects wheels and rims against rust scale and pitting;
  • Improves air retention by sealing natural liner porosity and vent hole leakage;
  • Prevents cracking and blistering of inner liners;
  • Improves the seal over buffed areas;
  • Reduces heat buildup in tires;
  • Eliminates the need for rim clean up and painting;
  • Improves tire repairability;
  • Decreases significant labor time for tire dismounting;
  • Reduces labor time for air checks;
  • Excellent leak detector that safely identifies cracks in the rim base; and
  • Added safety for recapped tires.

Contact us today for a free small sample. We want you to feel it with your fingers to compare it with your current product. Pricing starts at $8.00 per gallon.

Are you an entrepreneur that is interested in marketing and selling the Phantom Rim-Off regionally, nationally and internationally? Please contact Noorez Devraj, President/Founder, at [email protected] or toll free at (877) 847-3596.