BKT Compound Has 25% Wear Improvement

June 19, 2013

Following extensive field testing, Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (BKT) has developed its new Agrimax compound with cut and chip resistance that is improved by 25%.

The new compound was developed with an optimized polymer type/proportion, a more reinforcing carbon black type and with a more effective vulcanizing system, resulting in an improvement of 30% of the cut and chip compound engineering controlling factor compared to the previous compound.

Several Agrimax '70 and '85 series tires have been manufactured with the newly developed compound and extensive controlled tests have been conducted in the most severe markets, under the most severe service applications, proving the nonoccurrence of cut and ship, notes BKT, resulting in an overall wear improvement of +25%.

BKT field engineers conducted the market surveys in countries where BKT radial '70 and '85 series products are sold and used in severe service conditions. The company was then able to establish the level of cut and chip wear and identify the compound engineering controlling factors (physical property) governing the cut and chip phenomena.

The in-depth investigation has allowed BKT engineers to establish the minimum level required of the compound property in order to fully satisfy the most critical service conditions in terms of cut and chip nonoccurrence.