Schrader's 2013 "Make The EZ-Choice" Roadshow

Aug. 1, 2013

The Schrader "Make The EZ-Choice" Roadshow is in full swing, and heading into our final month of August! Hundreds of technicians, shop owners, buyers, and service networks have been trained on advanced elements of TPMS including a hands-on view of standard operating procedures, technical best practices in TPMS service, consumer awareness and interaction elements, and most importantly, how to leverage TPMS as a key profitability driver in your shop.

There are still 16 events in August that you and your team can attend, both in the U.S. and Canada. Sign up today at!

And, while you're there, check out the interactive video to see a detailed walkthrough of TPMS strategy, best practices, problem-solving tactics and full technical review of replacement sensor offerings.

With TPMS, it is never too late to make the right choice!