At it again: Steinberg collects scrap tires

June 20, 2012

Leave it to Barry Steinberg to help the environment and add to his customer base at the same time.

Steinberg, the CEO of Direct Tire & Auto Service, is collecting scrap tires -- limit six per person -- at his Watertown, Mass., location (he has four outlets). 

"With all the stories about landfills be overloaded with scrap tires, we thought this would be a good 'green' thing to do for the town that has been so good to us since 1974 when I first opened," he said in the "Watertown Patch."
Known for his innovative business practices, Steinberg was Modern Tire Dealer's first Tire Dealer of the Year in 1993. He was elected into the New England Tire and Service Association Hall of Fame in 2011.
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