Bridgestone develops multi-chamber tire

Feb. 28, 2006

Bridgestone Corp. says it has developed a "multi-air chamber" tire that contains three separate chambers which act as pressure vessels.

"The all-new type of tire contour was born from extensive R&D efforts with a view to the future of tires," say Bridgestone officials.

"The inside of the tire consists of a main chamber in the center and sub-chambers on both sides. The air pressure in each of the chambers can be controlled independently, making it possible to adjust the stiffness balance between the tread area and the left and right sidewalls.

"This ensures ideal contact in any condition, and thus, a more stable and comfortable drive. It also means performance can be adjusted in line with customer needs such as comfort or maneuverability."

In addition, if the pressure level in one of the chambers drops to zero, "the remaining chambers will be able to support the weight of the tire, so it will be able to continue to operate for a specified distance."