Vredestein to roll out new UHP tire, announces new logo

March 3, 2006

Vredestein Tyres North America Inc. will introduce its Ultrac Sessanta ultra-high performance tire this year.

The tire "is based on the strong points of (Vredestein's) Ultrac series and has excellent handling properties both on dry and wet road surfaces," say Vredestein officials.

"The emphasis of the Ultrac Sessanta -- with its low profile and broad width -- is less on comfort and more on the sports aspect."

The tire is the fifth collaboration between Vredestein and Giugiaro Design.

Giugiaro also has created a new logo for Vredestein. "The design is more streamlined and the lettering is more powerful. The new logo is more in line with Vredestein's image and Vredestein's quality products in the top sports segment."

The new logo goes into effect on all Vredestein products and communications immediately.