Yokohama Advan tires to be used on Boeing aircraft

April 17, 2006

The Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. has developed the radial Advan AC Y-25 in size 50x20.0R22 (26PR and 32PR) for passenger jets manufactured by Boeing in the United States and operated by Japanese carriers.

Since it began its development of aircraft tires in 1940, Yokohama Rubber has supplied various tires to the airline industry, the Defense Agency and others. This is the first aircraft tire to have the Advan name, the company says.

The tires will be used on the Boeing 777 series of long, wide-body, twin-jet passenger aircraft. Two models are currently manufactured, the 777-200, with a maximum seating capacity of 440, and the 777-300, seating up to 550.