Pirelli, Schrader agree to develop 'check-up' sensor

May 9, 2006

Pirelli & Cie SpA and Schrader Electronics Ltd. have signed an agreement to develop and market a battery-less "tire check-up sensor."

The sensor, which is designed to be positioned directly inside the tire, is capable of reading:

* tire identification data,

* temperature and

* tire pressure.

The heart of the system consists of a miniaturized sensor that has the capacity to generate its own energy. The sensor helps the tire interact with the car, enabling the parameters of the vehicle's on-board electronic systems to adapt to the information it receives, "therefore enhancing safety and performance," according to Pirelli.

The new technology monitors not only tire identification data such as the tire's size and the type of summer or winter tread it has, but also tire temperature and pressure (and the eventual residual flat

running distance). The information is transferred to the car and driver in real time.

Schrader Electronics was purchased by Tomkins PLC in 1998.