RMA releases updated tire service bulletins

May 19, 2006

The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) has released five revised service bulletins for tire retread and repair service professionals, and has published the new Service Bulletin #42: Brake Skid (Flat Spot) Repair in a Full Service Repair Facility.

The updated service bulletins are:

* #7A: Groove Cracking, Precure.

* #7B: Groove Cracking, Mold Cure.

* #25: Retread & Repair Materials Glossary of Terms.

* #26: Tread Edge Lifting.

* #34: Buffing Techniques for Radial Passenger Tires.

The RMA has more than 40 tire retread and repair shop bulletins designed to be used as reference and training materials. They can help enhance customer satisfaction, add value and solve typical problems encountered in the retread and repair of passenger, light truck, truck, off-the-highway and farm tires, the RMA says.

The fully illustrated bulletins can be viewed online and downloaded for free. They are organized in three major categories -– General Information, Repairing and Retreading –- and are subcategorized as follows:

General Information:

* Reference Material

* Inspection

* Troubleshooting


* Puncture Repair

* Section/Reinforcement Repair

* Flat Spot Repair

* Miscellaneous


* General Information

* Processing

* Building/Application

* Curing

* Retreading

Fore more information on RMA's tire publications online or in print, see the "Publications" section on www.rma.org.