TireWare offers 'Assurance' on POS solution

Aug. 21, 2006

TireWare Inc. has created an "Assurance" program which entitles purchasers of the company's point-of-sale and inventory management solution to free software upgrades during the life of their contracts.

The TireWare Assurance program was designed to give customers extra peace-of-mind and long-term economic value, says Tully Ryan, president. It entitles customers to telephone support (during designated business hours), free TireWare version upgrades and a lifetime warranty.

"With our policy to include free software upgrades, in addition to the excellent customer support we already offer and a lifetime warranty for the life of the contract, TireWare not only increases the overall benefits of TireWare’s solutions, but also significantly lowers the total cost of ownership for our customers," says Ryan.

For more details about the company's products, Assurance program benefits and pricing, call TireWare at (800) 853-7130 or visit www.tireware.com.