Magazine ranking boosts business for Chicago dealership

Oct. 2, 2006

Chicago. Ill.-based Ashland Tire & Auto is getting lots of mileage out of a five-month-old write-up in Chicago magazine.

In the May 2006 issue of Chicago, Ashland Tire was listed as one of the top auto repair shops in "The Windy City."

The ranking was based on a survey of some 15,000 readers.

"The fall-out has been tremendous," Ashland Tire co-owner Ken Papas recently told "We're getting tons of new customers.

"We talk to people to find out how they found us and we get a lot of people who say, 'I read about you in Chicago magazine.'"

Ashland Tire, a single location dealership, is on track for another record year, according to Papas. "Anymore we have two modes: really busy and out of control!"

The company sells Toyo, Continental, Michelin and Cooper brand passenger and light truck tires. Its garage can service up to 14 automobiles at one time.