AutoSock plans rollout at SEMA Show

Oct. 17, 2006

The North American launch of AutoSock, a traction-improving fabric cover that slips over automobile and truck tires, will be held at the 2006 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show.

AutoSock is designed to provide cars and trucks with the traction needed for sudden and unexpected winter driving conditions such as snow and ice. Made from high technology textile, the award-winning product takes just moments to install, providing drivers with quick and easy grip when surprised by winter conditions, according to its manufacturer.

"We're bringing a unique, useful product to America that has been proven by hundreds of thousands of drivers across Europe," says Garry Rainy, AutoSock's U.S. contact. "AutoSock provides convenience, safety and peace-of-mind to drivers."

AutoSock received the prestigious International Grand Prix award for technical innovation at Equip Auto 2005 by an international jury consisting of 75 journalists from 21 countries. The award has been given annually since 1985 for the most innovative concepts, products and services produced by automotive equipment makers.

AutoSock is manufactured from high technology textile containing a unique fiber pattern that optimizes grip on slick surfaces. Used on the drive wheels of both two- and four-wheel drive vehicles, it is available in sizes to fit most cars and light trucks.

Other AutoSock features include the following:

* drivable at up to 30 mph (50 km/h).

* noise-free, vibration-free.

* self-centering during installation and use.

* reusable, machine washable.

* environmentally safe, recyclable

* non-damaging, even to alloy wheels.

* fits almost all passenger cars and many light trucks.

* approved by leading test and certification bodies.

* works on vehicles with low tire clearance.

* compatible with all electronic safety systems, such as ABS and ESP.

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The SEMA Show will be held Oct. 31–Nov. 3 in Las Vegas.