SmarTire develops external valve sensor for commercial segment

Oct. 19, 2006

SmarTire Systems Inc. has filed a comprehensive patent application in the United States for an external valve sensor used in its tire pressure monitoring systems.

SmarTire's external valve sensors were specifically designed to address the needs of the commercial vehicle industry and offer practical installation and maintenance improvements over current solutions. They complement the existing internal sensor products.

SmarTire external sensors are expected to be released for sale in the second quarter of 2007.

"SmarTire's external valve sensors will reduce the installation costs of tire pressure monitoring systems and enable faster implementation for large fleets during retrofit in the aftermarket," says David Warkentin, vice president of sales and marketing.

Warkentin says according to market research, "a percentage of the commercial vehicle market would be slower to adopt tire pressure monitoring systems without this complimentary solution."

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