SEMA Show, Day Two: TIA promotes Passenger Wheel Retention

Nov. 1, 2006

The Tire Industry Association's (TIA) new Passenger Wheel Retention video is designed to ensure that lug nuts are tightened with the correct amounts of torque and clamping force.

The video outlines step-by-step procedures for inspecting, installing and torquing lug nuts on passenger vehicles.

"It also explains the relationship between torque and clamping force so technicians have a thorough understanding of how each step of the process affects the ultimate goal of keeping the wheel on the vehicle without damaging any of the components," say TIA officials.

The video was made possible by a donation from Costco Wholesale, they add.

Cost for TIA members is $50, while cost for non-members is $100. "All TIA Certified ATS Instructors in good standing can receive a free copy by contacting the association."