ASA prepares to release TireMaster Version 7.3.0

Nov. 20, 2006

ASA Tire Systems has released Version 7.3.0 of its TireMaster software. It will be available for distribution by the end of the month.

Highlights include the following:

* advanced accounting functions with recurring journal entries;

* innovative customer color-coding for POS;

* improved national and government account processing; and

* enhanced work order handling.

The program's advanced work order status indicator lets dealers know whether a vehicle is on site, if work being done to the vehicle is in progress, and if the job has been completed. "The work order status indicator will increase the efficiency of their workflow at POS and alert them to potential collection problems by identifying problem customers before a sale is made," says Dave Vogel, TireMaster territory manager.

Todd Andersen, TireMaster development manager, says the added ability to change the reconciliation code on a work order is one of the best new timesaving features of 7.3.0. With this new option, when a salesperson realizes there has been a mistake, there is no longer a need to start over by creating a new work order.

TireMaster is an integrated point-of-sale and accounting system that manages transactions so that tire dealers of all sizes can foster customer loyalty, improve customer interaction, and sell more products and services.