MATDA offers technical training to its members

Nov. 26, 2006

The Mid-America Tire Dealers Association (MATDA), in conjunction with the Tire Industry Association (TIA), is offering its members retail tire training that includes tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) service.

TIA's Basic Automotive Tire Service (ATS) and TPMS training programs will be offered in Salina, Kan., Dec. 5-6, from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Follow-up testing will be held Dec. 12 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The ATS Program is designed to give tire dealers documented evidenced that their new hires and experienced technicians have received certified training. Every technician that successfully completes the training program and returns the proper documentation receives

a TIA Certificate of Completion.

Basic ATS is comprised of eight modules.

Module 1 covers the basic principles of tires and wheels, including sizing and sidewall information.

Module 2 outlines the procedures for raising a vehicle using in-ground, above ground and portable lift equipment.

Module 3 covers tire and wheel assembly removal and installation, including rotation patterns and proper lug nut torque procedures.

Module 4 includes the step-by-step demount, mount and inflation

procedures using a center post and rim clamp tire machine.

Module 5 covers tire and wheel assembly balancing procedures and guidelines.

Module 6 is dedicated to diagnosing tire and wheel problems with a focus on runout measurement of the tire, wheel and hub.

Module 7 covers the step-by-step procedures for installing one-piece and two-piece nail hole repairs in passenger and light truck tires.

Module 8 includes frequently asked questions related to tires and wheels.

TIA's TPMS video/workbook program focuses heavily on teaching technicians how to mount and demount tires with TPMS in place without

breaking or damaging the sensors.

The cost is $125 per person and is open only to MATDA members. Each participant will receive a manual, training, and certification after

successful completion of the exam.

Space is limited to 20 people for this class; however, there will be other classes scheduled at different times and places.

Joe Unrein of Becker Tire and Treading Inc., a TIA Certified

Automotive and Commercial Instructor, will instruct the classes at Becker Tire, 432 N. Broadway in Salina.

MATDA serves tire dealers in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. For more information, call Executive Director Shawn Herrick at (785) 286-1110, or visit