Mitchell 1 adds to its customer retention program

Dec. 1, 2006

Additions to Mitchell 1's Customer Retention Marketing program will help shops target clients based on unique criteria.

Users work with Mitchell 1 "to divide their customers into various groups based on specific criteria and then design a promotion to reach each targeted group," according to Mitchell 1 officials.

"Prospect lists based on unlimited demographic criteria are also available."

Promotional offers include oil change reminders, seasonal specials, maintenance service specials, and others.

The company also has added a Call Tracking Services (CTS) feature to the program "to help participating shops track marketing and capture actionable information on every phone call."

Once the calls are captured, the Call Manager Web application places all of the inbound information, including call recordings, into a single easy-to-use interface. Users can listen to calls from any location with Internet access.

An automatic e-mail notification can also be set up for missed calls.