MTD Dealer Profile: Bill Williams

Sept. 1, 2006

Full Name: William C. Williams

Age: 62

Family: wife, Sandi; sons, Scott and Jason; daughter, Tracey; daughters-in-law Stephanie and Katie; granddaughters Emily and Abby.

I am most proud of: my family and their commitment to continue to grow our business along with the Jack Williams Tire team.

My hobbies and interests include: fishing, boating and selling tires.

My favorite childhood memory: my father teaching me how to change tires.

My biggest regret: not being able to spend more time with my family in our younger years when I was so busy building the business. Thank God they understood!

My favorite book: I never had the time or attention span to read long novels. I enjoy reading business magazines and trade journals.

My favorite sports: football.

My favorite athletes: Terry Bradshaw.

My favorite movie: I could never sit still or stay awake long enough to watch movies!

My favorite food: a nice juicy steak.

My favorite politicians: Ronald Reagan.

Am I a morning or night person? morning, usually 5 a.m.

If I could change one thing about myself: I would learn to be more patient.

My most humbling experience: the 1972 flood that wiped out our only store.

The smartest things I've ever done: marry Sandi and make her a part of my other love, the tire business.

Best advice my parents ever gave me: Set your goals and then work hard to exceed them. Don't focus on the rewards. If you work hard and are honest, the rewards will come automatically.

My advice to my children: Be honest and believe in yourselves. Always put your family first.

My goal in life is: to be the best possible mentor to my children and grandchildren.

My advice to a tire dealer who is just starting out: Put a plan together and follow it. Fine-tuning is always necessary, but don't keep changing your plan. And most of all, self-discipline is a must.

The greatest things about the tire industry today: the challenges we face almost on a daily basis and the feeling of accomplishment when we meet and beat those challenges. The greatest thing is the interesting characters you meet along the way.