Dealer Profile: Up Close and Personal With Dealer of the Year Winner Joe Troilo

Sept. 1, 1995

Full name: Joseph Anthony Troilo Jr.

Nickname: Tony

Age: 45

Hobby: Volunteer fireman (since mid-1960s)

I’m most proud of: My family

Favorite childhood memory: Family vacations at the beach

Biggest regret: Trauma I put everyone through when I had my accident

Favorite book: “Gone With the Wind”

Favorite movie: “Sound of Music”

Favorite television shows: “The Commish,” “Lassie”

Favorite actor, actress: Richard Pryor, Barbra Streisand

Favorite athlete: Sam Huff

Favorite sport: Football

Favorite politician: Pope John Paul II

Favorite food: Soup, any kind; Italian food

Are you a morning or a night person? Night

My friends like me because: I’m genuine

My goals in life are: To be happy and successful but not at the expense of others

A perfect evening for me is: Being with my wife and family

Nobody knows that I: Have no sense of smell

Smartest thing I’ve ever done: Married Pat

Best advice your parents gave you: Be yourself and respect others and love God

You’re advice to children: Respect others and yourself and stay in school

You’re most humbling experience: My accident

The great thing about tire dealers today is: They can be as successful as they want to be

You’re advice to a tire dealer just starting out: Be open-minded and open to explore new avenues