Aftermarket Foundation provides funds for those in need

Jan. 9, 2007

The Aftermarket Foundation's goal for 2007 is to be able to provide over $250,000 to individuals and families in need.

“The Foundation is a group of individuals and companies dedicated to the humanitarian mission of helping families in need in our industry,” says Aftermarket Foundation Chairman Don Schlenger. “We provide money to people who have dedicated their lives to our industry, and who now need help from the industry they helped to grow.”

One source of revenue for the Aftermarket Foundation is the group’s annual golf tournament. This past year, a record 138 individuals and 38 companies participated in its annual fund raiser and golf tournament held in Las Vegas, Nev., prior to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

Any company interested in participating should contact the Aftermarket Foundation at (772) 286-5500 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Other sources of revenue are trade associations, individuals and companies. Gifts range from $25 to $10,000.

Examples of humanitarian efforts of the Aftermarket Foundation include helping a family dealing with the financial burden of a liver transplant and assisting the widow of an industry member following his suicide after the collapse of his business.

“This is the ‘safety net’ for professionals in our industry, the source of last resort,” says Schlenger. "Every company in the industry should support this effort.”

The Aftermarket Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1959. The group is dedicated to the humanitarian effort of helping people in need in our industry, and consists of an all-volunteer group that takes no income for their services.

The Foundation can be accessed online at, and the group’s annual financial audit is available upon request.