TireWare develops Web-based solution to traditional software

Jan. 13, 2007

TireWare Inc. has developed a subscription-based on-line point-of-sale and inventory solution distributed as a service.

The concept allows dealers to access TireWare as a pay-as-you-go Web-based solution. "The industry has been ready for a fresh and new economical approach to software that helps dealers focus directly on building their businesses," says Tully Ryan, TireWare's CEO and president.

The solution is is accessed through a standard Web browser, enabling dealers to substantially reduce many of the traditional expenses and complexities of traditional POS software. There are no downloads, no software to install or uninstall, no updates, no upgrades and no maintenance fees. Ryan adds dealers "do not have to customize it, fine tune it, or hire people to run it."

Because TireWare is an Internet application, it can offer this solution on a global scale.

Dealers are requied to pay a monthly subscription fee per inventory location for the on-line, Web-based POS solution. As part of a January special offer, the subscription fee for the first 299 retail locations will be $299 a month per location.

TireWare caters to small, mid-size and large tire dealers. For more information on TireWare's business management software for tire and automotive service centers, visit www.tireware.com.