CMA thinks big, adds large OTR radial tires to its offerings

Jan. 15, 2007

China Manufacturers Alliance LLC (CMA) has created the Double Coin Giant Tire Radial OTR Division. In a related move, it has appointed two employees to head it up.

Manager Ray Tremblay, along with Rick Johnson, will head up the newly formed division. Both Tremblay and Johnson come from Continental Tire North America Inc.

"We have been marketing 25-inch and smaller Double Coin radial OTR (tires) in North American for over two years," says CEO Larry Williams. "The new Giant Tire Division will concentrate on 25-inch and larger in the radial OTR tires."

CMA LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shanghai Tire and Rubber Co., which has supplied the United States with Double Coin tires since 1997. Additional information is available at